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  • Chris’s book is a champagne-in-the-veins tonic for jaundiced people who desire to revive the technicolour from a monochrome life. I heartily recommend it.

    Tim Smit, co-founder and CEO of The Eden Project

  • Upping Your Elvis’s simple, human approach to creative leadership helped to teach the Maxus teams that work is all about how we show up every day, not instilling clever techniques and processes. We have applied the learnings, delivered tangible results and live it every day in the work we do at Maxus.

    Jenny Smith, Global Creative Director Maxus

  • Upping your Elvis have brought creativity into the heart of everything we do at ITV. They do it in an incredibly engaging fun style which is infectious.

    Kelly Williams, Sales Director ITV

  • I can say without hyperbole that my week with Chris, Jim and the rest of the Elvis team down in Lyme Regis was one of the most enriching experiences I've had in my career. I immediately came away from the course with a new armoury of skills to help bring out my own creativity and that of others. Months on I am still feeling the effect of how the course has helped me to grow personally, in ways both tangible and tacit.

    Sarah Borland, Director MediaCom

  • Our success [as Media Week Sales Team of the Year] is in no small measure down to the work we have done with Upping Your Elvis

    Simon Daglish, Commercial Director ITV

  • The guys are exceptionally good at what they do. I was making a list of the most influential people or things in my career and this was in the top 3.

    Chris Binns, Managing Partner MediaCom

  • Chris Baréz-Brown’s presentation style sparkled and inspired our team to think differently. His unique and powerful insights have the ability to transform any organization.

    Derek Kent, Chief Marketing Officer, Canadian Olympic Committee

  • Chris Barez-Brown is a modern day prophet. He has a gift ... an uncanny ability to inspire change agents in my organization. Everything he touches turns to gold and shines ever so brightly. He is our Elvis.

    Keith Wilmot - The Coca-Cola Company

  • So much big talk about transformation... Chris actually delivers it. Time and again. Part art, part gift, part crazy man. He works his magic every time!

    Maria Eitel - Founder and President of the Nike Foundation

  • Working with Elvis is like Rehab. I am energised and excited by that. I know who I am and what’s great about that.

    Dean Watson, Director, Roche

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