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  • The guys are exceptionally good at what they do. I was making a list of the most influential people or things in my career and this was in the top 3.

    Chris Binns, Managing Partner MediaCom

  • A lot of the motivation ideas and support to transform the commercial team has come from Upping Your Elvis.

    Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director, Commercial and Online, ITV

  • It’s not the instrument that makes the music, it’s the player. So much emphasis in the world of innovation and creativity is placed on process, tools and techniques. Chris fully understands it’s the people who make the magic not the structure. Chris is a master at bringing out the creative spark in people to turn dust into something that matters, so that in the words of John Lennon, “We all shine on."

    John Van Vleck, Global Director, Insights, Ideas and Creativity The Coca-Cola Company

  • Our Upping Your Elvis experience was quite exceptional. They engaged, enlightened and entertained us with a 4 hour workshop that was a highlight of our conference. This was all the more impressive as the audience were 250-plus scientists-leaders who normally have a healthy (!) sense of skepticism about interactive workshops. We had fun. We learned. They exceeded our expectations.

    Ron Fuchs, Head of Comms Roche

  • Chris Baréz-Brown’s presentation style sparkled and inspired our team to think differently. His unique and powerful insights have the ability to transform any organization.

    Derek Kent, Chief Marketing Officer, Canadian Olympic Committee

  • Shine: How to Survive and Thrive at Work is a bright source of energy and ideas that will help you make the most of yourself.

    Ken Robinson, author of The Element: How finding your passion changes everything

  • Upping Your Elvis’s simple, human approach to creative leadership helped to teach the Maxus teams that work is all about how we show up every day, not instilling clever techniques and processes. We have applied the learnings, delivered tangible results and live it every day in the work we do at Maxus.

    Jenny Smith, Global Creative Director Maxus

  • Since starting my business, my group of Personal Trainers have delivered over 60,000 sessions. That’s 60,000 sessions being delivered with more “elvis” than last year…that’s pretty cool!

    Chris Burgess, Personal Trainer, after reading Shine!

  • Working with Elvis is like Rehab. I am energised and excited by that. I know who I am and what’s great about that.

    Dean Watson, Director, Roche

  • Upping your Elvis have brought creativity into the heart of everything we do at ITV. They do it in an incredibly engaging fun style which is infectious.

    Kelly Williams, Sales Director ITV

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The Power To Create – Matthew Taylor CEO RSA

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Career Stylist Kelly Studer shares her experience of an Elvis Mastery course

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Monty Python – Creative Leaders of their time

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Brian Cannon designer for Verve & Oasis

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Malcolm Gladwell and the underdog

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Bounce Back From Failure – Habits of Resilient People

At Upping Your Elvis we believe everyone has an innate and unique creative spin on the world. We can all solve problems, explore possibilities ... read more

Where Ideas Happen

To bring out people’s creativity it is important, first and foremost, to understand the creative process. With a veritable glut of research on the ... read more

Leadership Training

This article by Matt first appeared in Training Journal on 12th ... read more

Are You Engaged?

I was speaking to a client a few weeks ago who posed the question “Matt, can you do a session on employee engagement for our whole company?” I ... read more

Is the Cannes Lions Festival a bit like Glastonbury for Business?

This from Chris was first published in Creative Match, 28th June I have ... read more

"Team building is so passe"...or is it?

This team building article by Jim was first published by BDaily on 22nd May ... read more

Confidence and top tips from the world of Parkour

It always surprises me what sensitive souls we all are. Sensitivity is a wonderful trait that allows us to empathise, make connections and open up ... read more

Creativity training …what does it actually mean?

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" I am a Motivational Speaker" (never thought I would say that!)

When I first went to Mexico a few years ago I met a load of new people in one hit.  After the first few pleasantries – “what’s your name?” and “where ... read more

Creative Leadership

Upping your Elvis specialise in helping organisations improve their creative leadership capability with our products for creative leadership. But ... read more

The Wisdom of the Street

Last week Upping Your Elvis had the pleasure of partnering with the wonderful David Pearl in what was a most fantastic experiment. We assembled ... read more

The Wisdom of the Street

Last week Upping Your Elvis had the pleasure of partnering with the wonderful David Pearl in what was a most fantastic experiment. We assembled ... read more

Horizon - The Creative Brain: How Insight Works

Last night’s Horizon - 'The Creative Brain: How Insight Works' is a must see. It was an exploration into how we get those moments of insight using ... read more

Laughing Matters

We often tell our clients, when things are tough and getting sticky one of the best things to do is laugh about it. In most cases it works as people ... read more

‘Feedback’ … the word that can still send shivers

We have worked with senior teams for many years and something still amazes us. Whenever we mention the word ‘feedback’, it’s as if the room ... read more

If Not Now Then When?

This week a good friend of mine, Byron, invited me to an intimate gig at the Purcell Rooms on the Southbank. It made me think a lot. First of all, ... read more

Why your boss should let you stay in bed longer and you should bunk out of meetings

Ideas are the lifeblood of business. Over the years the team at Upping Your Elvis have asked thousands of people where they have their best ideas. In ... read more

Whole Or Handicapped?

We have a problem. It may not be that apparent, but its effects are devastating. It's an insidious evil that is potentially even more destructive ... read more

Got An Easy But Powerful New Year’s Resolution For You

It really does feel like the first days back at school. People are making the normal noises such as ‘how were your holidays?’ and others are ... read more

Life's An Experiment... Get Active

Often in business, we make life hard for ourselves. We do so by believing that if we think hard enough and leverage our massive brain power, we can ... read more

Starting a Creative (MO)vement - Learnings from Movember

Over the past couple of weeks we have been noticing quite a lot of fluff hovering above the upper lips of our clients.  After a moment of thinking “a ... read more

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