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  • Since starting my business, my group of Personal Trainers have delivered over 60,000 sessions. That’s 60,000 sessions being delivered with more “elvis” than last year…that’s pretty cool!

    Chris Burgess, Personal Trainer, after reading Shine!

  • Shine: How to Survive and Thrive at Work is a bright source of energy and ideas that will help you make the most of yourself.

    Ken Robinson, author of The Element: How finding your passion changes everything

  • Working with Elvis is like Rehab. I am energised and excited by that. I know who I am and what’s great about that.

    Dean Watson, Director, Roche

  • Apart from the very insightful content and great techniques I thought the delivery was the best I’ve ever seen – very human and hilarious (and I have high comedy standards ;-))

    Olivia Diamond, Commercial Progamme Manager, Diageo

  • Chris’s book is a champagne-in-the-veins tonic for jaundiced people who desire to revive the technicolour from a monochrome life. I heartily recommend it.

    Tim Smit, co-founder and CEO of The Eden Project

  • In a rapidly changing world what differentiates successful companies from average ones is IDEAS. ELVIS unleashes the creative power of people in my team who are enabled to provide creative leadership to help others translate insights into big ideas.

    Stan Sthanunathan, Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever

  • Our Upping Your Elvis experience was quite exceptional. They engaged, enlightened and entertained us with a 4 hour workshop that was a highlight of our conference. This was all the more impressive as the audience were 250-plus scientists-leaders who normally have a healthy (!) sense of skepticism about interactive workshops. We had fun. We learned. They exceeded our expectations.

    Ron Fuchs, Head of Comms Roche

  • So much big talk about transformation... Chris actually delivers it. Time and again. Part art, part gift, part crazy man. He works his magic every time!

    Maria Eitel - Founder and President of the Nike Foundation

  • Let Chris Barez-Brown be your idea guru!

    Ken Blanchard, Co-author of the one minute manager

  • It’s not the instrument that makes the music, it’s the player. So much emphasis in the world of innovation and creativity is placed on process, tools and techniques. Chris fully understands it’s the people who make the magic not the structure. Chris is a master at bringing out the creative spark in people to turn dust into something that matters, so that in the words of John Lennon, “We all shine on."

    John Van Vleck, Global Director, Insights, Ideas and Creativity The Coca-Cola Company

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The Creative Spark - No 2

The Creative Spark - No 2

February 15, 2017

Elvis's mission is to help people and businesses realise their creative potential. Once you discover this potential, good stuff happens. The Creative Spark was born to share some of the things that inspire us along our way. We hope you like them too.

We are living in uncertain times. Businesses need to equip themselves with the skills to be able to manage and make effective use of that change. Jim shares his expertise on why we should listen to Winston Churchill and 'Never let a good crisis go to waste'.

Stevie Wonder is guaranteed to get us through the last few weeks of Winter. Carpool Karaoke is not new, but simply, always brilliant. Chair dancing de rigeur. Watch out for Stevie singing to James Corden's wife; unbeatable Valentines tip.

Check out Dror Liebenthal's experience of trying to be productive on the road. Ever dreamt of a life on the road? Travelling whilst working and having fun, sounds too good to be true surely?

Every brand needs a narrative - here you can sample a different beer every week (just one, thats all you need ;) ) and hear the story behind it. “Every great love starts with a great story...” beer love starts here.

Rapper Prince Ea sums up the need to reform the education system to foster creativity and innovation. Guess what? It's all because fish can't climb trees. Ken Robinson, one for you. 

Our brilliant sweary friend across the Atlantic Mark Manson shares some wise advice, this time 11 shitty things we all do. It's a teensy bit rude but scarily true. Beware.

Sometimes creative leadership comes in the simplest forms, an individual flourish delivered with cajones: Viral video and a lot of new customers. Meat 'n' Macismo 'n' Salt, it's a heady combo.

A winning digital strategy can be tough to execute in our ever changing world. Inspiring insight inHBR: It's all about gravity. Is the force strong with you?

This months podcast is Noah Kagan Presents, employee #30 at Facebook and founder of AppSumo. Sharing innovative ideas, business tips with some of the words finest thought leaders.

Bowie's creative songwriting techniques - old school cut ups with added tech pizzazz. Yep, we are still celebrating the greatest creative leader of all time. And it's not over yet.

Can you help? Chris needs research volunteers this week! It takes just 10 minutes and will help us make the world spin that little bit better. Plus, will put Spring in your step. Sign up here. 

Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary
Oscar Wilde

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