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  • In a rapidly changing world what differentiates successful companies from average ones is IDEAS. ELVIS unleashes the creative power of people in my team who are enabled to provide creative leadership to help others translate insights into big ideas.

    Stan Sthanunathan, Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever

  • Upping your Elvis have brought creativity into the heart of everything we do at ITV. They do it in an incredibly engaging fun style which is infectious.

    Kelly Williams, Sales Director ITV

  • Shine: How to Survive and Thrive at Work is a bright source of energy and ideas that will help you make the most of yourself.

    Ken Robinson, author of The Element: How finding your passion changes everything

  • Chris Baréz-Brown’s presentation style sparkled and inspired our team to think differently. His unique and powerful insights have the ability to transform any organization.

    Derek Kent, Chief Marketing Officer, Canadian Olympic Committee

  • Let Chris Barez-Brown be your idea guru!

    Ken Blanchard, Co-author of the one minute manager

  • Working with Elvis is like Rehab. I am energised and excited by that. I know who I am and what’s great about that.

    Dean Watson, Director, Roche

  • Chris leads the most amazing, inspiring, and self-changing events. They’ve had a profound impact in my life and on my work. He has the uncanny ability to help individuals and companies change – change for the better, more profitable, more joyful. Chris helped me discover my real talents and desires. Working with him has changed my life.

    Jeff Semenchuk, Chief Innovation Officer at Hyatt Hotels Corporation

  • Since starting my business, my group of Personal Trainers have delivered over 60,000 sessions. That’s 60,000 sessions being delivered with more “elvis” than last year…that’s pretty cool!

    Chris Burgess, Personal Trainer, after reading Shine!

  • The guys are exceptionally good at what they do. I was making a list of the most influential people or things in my career and this was in the top 3.

    Chris Binns, Managing Partner MediaCom

  • The session was very well received. Your suggestions were referenced many times over the rest of the meeting. Your approach is a breath of fresh air in helping my team consider different approaches to work with each other and with a very diverse stakeholder group.

    Peter Yribar, Global Head Product Development Quality at Genentech

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To Grow Your Business, Let Your People Think

To Grow Your Business, Let Your People Think

September 24, 2017

Life is full of statistics. We hear them all the time but very few of them have enough punch to create a reaction.

When I heard that if we keep consuming meat the way we are, we will need two and a half planets to be able to satiate our enormous appetite, I was certainly shocked.

Obesity has doubled since 1980, a number that must be worrying to all of us.

When I heard that more people own cell phones than toilets, I did scratch my head a little.

Many of these kind of statistics are an indication of the struggles that we have in society today and although we can change our behaviour to influence them, we often feel as if they are almost beyond our influence.

This week I heard from business Psychologist Tony Crabbe that ‘30% of knowledge workers do not think at work’. At all. And ’58% did less than 30 minutes.’ It blew me away. However, luckily, this is one global trend I can do something about.

Not thinking at all sounds like a terrible waste of life to me. A third of our days on this planet are work days and if we are just showing up, going through the motions and not adding our own unique value to the work that we do, it's a travesty.

I can't imagine that people don't actually think at all at work but it saddens me that they don't believe they do. Passively answering emails, being trapped in routines and doing the same stuff day in day out most certainly numbs the mind and does anything but fill the soul and fuel a creative innovative working environment.

Every one of us on this planet has something unique and special to bring to play and it is business leaders responsibility to tap into that so their genius can be felt.

To do so we must make people feel as if they can truly be themselves, self-express, experiment and get things wrong, whilst learning and consequently making things better.

They should also have bloody good fun whilst doing it.

The days where leaders needed to sweat their assets by making their teams homogenised in order to rate their outputs are over.

We are not battery hens. We are human beings with our own passions and dreams, fallibilities and brilliance. Let’s use that to our best advantage.

A confident leader can answer the question of ‘what's needed here?’ with every individual and flex accordingly. One size does not fit all.

When we tap into our people's hearts, their minds will follow. Inspire them so they understand how they can add most value whilst loving every minute. The future will never be the same.

Help your people fly. Your business will fly too.

We made a new film about our unique 5 day Mastery Workshop. We hope you like it.

Big Love,


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