What is Upping Your Elvis?

Upping Your Elvis is a Creative Leadership capability company. We help businesses change by giving people the creativity, energy and flexibility to improve everything around them every day.

Why the name Upping Your Elvis?

When Bono, lead singer of U2, was on his quest to eradicate third world debt he used to turn up to big organisations and ask the question “so who’s Elvis around here?”

He was looking for the ones who challenge the status quo, who use creativity to solve problems and inspire those around them and who bring an energy and sense of possibility to everything they do.

We believe that everyone has Elvis inside of them.

We believe that everyone can make an incredible difference in their lives if they know how.

This is Creative Leadership.

We work with commercial businesses like ITV, Coca-Cola, The Guardian, Pfizer, MediaCom, Roche, Diageo and Unilever as well as organisations such as The Nike Foundation and The Canadian Olympic Committee. We offer various training products including one-day workshops, five-day retreats, leadership training and one-to-one coaching.
Our team are also keynote speakers for private and public events offering inspirational talks about how to unlock your creative potential and get more out of work.

We also have books and an app to help people stay shiny anywhere and everywhere.
We work closely with our clients to design exactly what they need to help with culture change, creative collaboration, enhancing employees’ capability or simply to provide some creative inspiration for their teams.

If you would like to find out more call Alex on  +44 7842 675142, fill in the contact form or see what our clients have to say about working with us.

  • Shine is a bright source of energy and ideas that will help you make the most of yourself.

    Ken Robinson, author of The Element: How finding your passion changes everything
  • Chris Baréz-Brown’s presentation style sparkled and inspired our team to think differently. His unique and powerful insights have the ability to transform any organization.

    Derek Kent, Chief Marketing Officer, Canadian Olympic Committee
  • Having an app that brings some randomness into the day. Brilliant idea.

  • Apart from the very insightful content and great techniques I thought the delivery was the best I’ve ever seen – very human and hilarious (and I have high comedy standards ;-))

    Olivia Diamond, Commercial Progamme Manager, Diageo
  • Upping your Elvis have brought creativity into the heart of everything we do at ITV. They do it in an incredibly engaging fun style which is infectious.

    Kelly Williams, Sales Director ITV
  • The guys are exceptionally good at what they do. I was making a list of the most influential people or things in my career and this was in the top 3.

    Chris Binns, Managing Partner MediaCom
  • So much big talk about transformation… Chris actually delivers it. Time and again. Part art, part gift, part crazy man. He works his magic every time!

    Maria Eitel – Founder and President of the Nike Foundation
  • Chris Barez-Brown is a modern day prophet.  He has a gift … an uncanny ability to inspire change agents in my organization.   Everything he touches turns to gold and shines ever so brightly.   He is our Elvis.

    Keith Wilmot – The Coca-Cola Company
  • Elvis has now become a term in our business. Either, ‘have you been Elvis’d’, ‘that is very Elvis’ or ‘I’m feeling quite Elvis today’. They have had a massive impact on all the individuals

    Simon Daglish, Group Commercial Director ITV
  • Let Chris Barez-Brown be your idea guru!

    Ken Blanchard, Co-author of the one minute manager
  • Did a capability project, took 2 years, added $1bn dollars to the sale price of the company

  • It’s not the instrument that makes the music, it’s the player. So much emphasis in the world of innovation and creativity is placed on process, tools and techniques. Chris fully understands it’s the people who make the magic not the structure. Chris is a master at bringing out the creative spark in people to turn dust into something that matters, so that in the words of John Lennon, “We all shine on.”

    John Van Vleck, Global Director, Insights, Ideas and Creativity The Coca-Cola Company
  • Chris’s book is a champagne-in-the-veins tonic for jaundiced people who desire to revive the technicolour from a monochrome life. I heartily recommend it.

    Tim Smit, co-founder and CEO of The Eden Project
  • Chris leads the most amazing, inspiring, and self-changing events. They’ve had a profound impact in my life and on my work. He has the uncanny ability to help individuals and companies change – change for the better, more profitable, more joyful. Chris helped me discover my real talents and desires. Working with him has changed my life.

    Jeff Semenchuk, Chief Innovation Officer at Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Our success [as Media Week Sales Team of the Year] is in no small measure down to the work we have done with Upping Your Elvis

    Simon Daglish, Commercial Director ITV
  • Without doubt, Chris has been the most creative influence in my life. I come away from every meeting feeling like I’ve been through the spin cycle and far better for it!. Chris has the wonderful natural ability to make my creative juices flow every time we meet. I leave having had a good belly laugh and with my brain buzzing. We should bottle him!

    GM Creative Development, The Nike Foundation
  • Trained someone in Nike for 2.5 days, it cost 1.5k. Next week used learning to invent Nike 10k, became run London, became Run the World where 960,000 took part.

  • absolutely inspiring book, love it!

    Elisabeth Spenger
  • Some of the energisers are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

  • A lot of the motivation ideas and support to transform the commercial team has come from Upping Your Elvis.

    Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director, Commercial and Online, ITV
  • Coached a guy for 1.5 hours, had 250 people working for him. Within 2 weeks had 14,000 following my approach.